This lockdown lots of mean to me as it has changed the life style of the whole world.if I or any body else on this earth like to compere the world look like before this pandemic and now , we can see or feel a big never un forgettable change from our homes to work and from our school to business industry. I visualise what is happening as a giant psychological experiment and we won't be the same as we once were. No body has never planned on this and no body has never thought about this . Lot of people experienced deep loneliness of a claustrophobic and urgent nature. With more than half a planet confined indoors make me feel like I am really living in another world . It has affected from a newborn to a oldest person living on this earth. In the start when I heard no more school I was kind of happy but as the time has passed I has realised that I am stuck at home and it was no more fun. I am missing my friends and school and I understood that the schools are really fun place. My dad's job also finished and I have seen him and my mother so much worried and tensed that I have never seen them before. I strongly believe that almost every house has same sort of atmosphere. It has affected from a individual to the Government. To develop a vaccine for this virus become most priority job of the world. Basically this pandemic and lockdown has changed our lives from toes to head and now we can see a completely changed world .you see the people wearing mask every where , you can not hug your friends and loved ones , you can not go to see your grandparents, big cues every where on super market, people aftaid from eachother . I would love to mention one green aspect of spending quality time with my all family specially my Dad where so have shared so much fun and we dis so many activities together which was not possible with the patren of life we were living before. I have got a chance to do some kind of work and activity which may I was not going to do it in my whole life. This lockdown has changed my view about the life , about the power, about the nature and about the human progress. It has also exposed to me the human superiority and power of nature. I strongly believe that their is a lot to learn for humans this is kind of history in itself which will never ever be deleted from our brains . I can write a lot and can Express my feelings but I feel my pen and my fingers will never stop because the depth of this topic is very very deep.