Lockdown has been a great hardship for many people because staying with the same people, in the same place, with the feeling that you won't be able to see friends or some family members or places is claustrophobic. I've always wondered what the future looked like: electric cars, flying cars, robots doing everything, I don't really know if this is true but it may be as scientists are already talking about it, maybe you live on Jupiter or mars ,who knows? People who are reading this you may have got taught it in school like I got taught about the Vikings and WWII but one thing you need to know about it was it came as a great shock! No one expected any of this or understood it - as it was a new virus- we didn't know what would happen when the virus appeared but when our favourite places got shut down and our prime minister- Boris Johnson - told us that we had to stay at home and not see our friends or outside family, not go to restaurants or clubs and not go to work or school we all started worrying! When schools shut they told us we had to home school (work from home) it was puzzling. Home schooling was difficult: the teachers sent the work and we had to complete it but when we didn't understand it, we didn't have a teacher around to help us. I only did the main lessons, as they were the ones they sent, I did maths, English, science, geography, history and French. Because I had limited lessons, the rest of the day I was pretty board; I didn't know what to do the whole afternoon but luckily me and my mum started a vegetable garden and I did some of it until I got board of it so then I started something else: reading. I read lots of books outside as it was nice weather the whole of April and because of this my sister and I also went swimming in our river. Right now I am surrounded by heather and trees and fields so lockdown wasn't as hard for us however we still found it annoying, sorrowful and lonely! We couldn't see our friends or grandparents; we had to social distance-2 meters - to people who don't live with us; we couldn't go to restaurants, shops, clubs, school, work and so on and we now have to wear masks in shops! Right now I don't know whether the coronavirus will go away soon, I don't know whether there will be a second wave and right now we can go to shops, swimming pools, restaurants and other places as long as we follow the restrictions. Not as many people die every day now but I don't know what is in store for my future - or my family's, but for now we just have to concentrate on keeping ourselves alive, because that is all that matters.