Life in lockdown In our homes We had to stay No seeing our family Or friends over to play No going to work Or going to school Lives turned upside down By this new rule Suddenly everywhere Lines did appear Inside and outside On paths and on floors And notices in Windows And on the shop doors Do not stand too close Stay 2 metres away Follow the arrows Walk only this way Shop shelves were empty For the people in need Whilst cupboards were full For those full of greed. All around Chaos Too much panic buying No deliveries online But never stop trying 1 Life as we knew it Changed in a blink Stuck in our homes Time only to think Of the ones going to work and risking their lives The forgotten key workers We now need to survive. Hopefully from this Lessons are learned To be more grateful and kind When normality returns 2020 will be remembered In our broken battered hearts As the time the world finally united By staying apart - Lock down Locked away from your friends By a sickening wall All events cancelled It's sad for us all But if we all stay connected Keep each other sane If we share all our victories Everybody will gain I guess you'll agree That lockdown is lame But if we unite from afar It's kind of the same It's not quite a party Or a trip to the mall Or a picnic with friends Or playing games with a ball But time with our family Out in the sun 2020's the year Our new lives begun