My letter to the future: To: Somebody in the future Date:12/07/20 Time: 12:06 AM Reason: Something lifechanging has happened in the past and you must never forget about it. Why hello there! You must be from the future, how alluring! Something quite unconventional has occurred, and I shall fill you in every detail I possibly can to make you never want to forget that one year (2020) which was filled with excitement, despair and confusion so buckle up your seatbelts because this may be a bumpy ride! March 26th 2020 In the vicinity of lockdown, all fell quiet. The schools were no longer keeping their doors opened and everyone was ready to enter the place where they would encounter something phenomenal. It all started at the beginning of lockdown, I had just arrived from the last day of school. Being in year 6, I knew that there was going to be a low chance of seeing my friends again, but still, I kept my worries down and was prepared to see what would lie in store next. The following week, I started homeschooling, at some points I did feel a little desolated as I was the only one awake in the house! 5th April 2020 Sometimes, me and my dad would have a stroll in the park with our brand new ebony jet black masks. One day we established a long branch so we dissimulated the fact that it was a branch and played on it as if it was a bridge. ( Though, sometimes I caught multiple people staring at us!) 23 April 2020 The first day of Ramadan was quite amusing! For starters, this would be a very easy fasting because nobody would be going out! After Ramadan had finished, Eid al Fitr began. I am not going to say it was my favourite Eid, but I did experience something new with my family and it was praying all together in one mammoth loft, spread out is if it were a hallway covered in Eid decorations! On that very special day, we facetimed our relatives and ended up having one great big Eid at home with my family. Because I was in year 6, some of us started heading back to school. Fortunately, I was one of them! I was in a bubble (and I still am, but not for long.) The maximum amount of people that were in a bubble could hold up to 10 but I only had 7. Though not all of my best friends were in the bubble, I still had a great amount of friends there which made it a spectacular reunion! Just a couple of days ago, I had a zoom party with my entire class meaning that we could have a virtual party. Though it definitely would not have been the same if the virus hadn't started in the first place but I shall count it as an indoor adventure! After this whole thing has disappeared into history, I am looking forward to my new secondary school and finally having the chance to go on holiday for what seemed like a whole decade! ( Actually four years and a half.) Well, good day, fellow earthlings from the future, it has been a jolly good time speaking to you but I must return to my duties- continuing learning on Oak National Academy- so good day to you, kind human! Yours sincerely, from 2020, Alaina!