Lockdown -2020 COVID-19 we don't want you here But still you grow in numbers Taking over countries, many at a time Disturbing all our routines Killing many lives. Then BoJo puts us in a lockdown On 23rd of March The elderly and the vulnerable will have to shield Not allowed to see outside, family or friends This is where it all begins. Shops have queues outside Eating up the pavement at a 2 metre distance Selling out to panic buyers No more toilet roll, Pasta, rice or tins of beanz We're losing track of days and weeks It seems like Thursday was only Friday When again I clap and bang for the NHS This is where my week begins and ends ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives' Spending lots of family time, cooking, baking, gardening We're getting restless now Thinking of what to do This lockdown is getting very boring When is it going to end? Slowly, slowly lockdowns easing I can finally see a friend On the other end of this pandemic I'm lucky to still have My waiting family and friends.