Diary of a Lockdown Teen Friday 21st February It's school half-term and things are good. Mocks are over, my prom dress is sorted, and today we went to buy my jewellery and shoes. Only four more months of year 11, then a fun extended summer. Can't wait to go on holiday. But first...the dreaded GCSE's. What's with this coronavirus thing I keep hearing about? Friday 6th February Had an off-timetable lesson in school today, to teach us about coronavirus. Over two-hundred cases now. The first UK citizen has died. I really should buy some hand sanitizer. Wednesday 11th March It's official, ladies and gentlemen. Coronavirus has been promoted to pandemic status. I'm not too worried, though. If only everyone would stop hoarding toilet paper... Friday 13th March Luck isn't on our side any day of the year, apparently. Today isn't special anymore. Sorry, Jason Voorhees. If this carries on, we'll definitely get time off school. Hopefully, not for too long. I'll just have to revise from home. Two weeks is my limit, though, so pack your bags Corona. My future is on the line. Thursday 19th March Today was my last day at school, three months ahead of schedule. It wasn't official until we got home and saw the email...but I think we all knew. We could sense the goodbyes in the air. Last night, the PM told us exams are cancelled. Five years of secondary school, wasted. We've been running towards the finish line, and now we'll never get to cross it. The ribbon's been removed, and the runners have gone home for good. I hate coronavirus. Its new name is Enemy No. 1. Friday 20th March I think I'll wallow in self-pity today. Always good to have a plan. Tuesday 24th March Otherwise known as Lockdown: Day 1, announced by Boris last night. I've never watched the news so often in my life. Apologies, Brexit. Looks like you've been upstaged. Thursday 26th March The first national Clap for Carers. Thank you, NHS and all key workers. Wednesday 1st April I watched Netflix. All Day. Again. This was not how I pictured my teen years would be. Do you ever feel like your youth is passing you by? Friday 3rd April Dad's been furloughed. I'll need a dictionary for all these new words. Monday 13th April Whenever I complain about the situation, my mum says it's not so bad, because we're all in the same boat. Well, guess what mum? That boat is the Titanic, and it's sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. Better grab a lifejacket, before they're all gone. Friday 17th April History in the making. There must be more to life than this. Sunday 19th April Last piece of coursework was submitted today. Now it's all out of my hands. Even if I get good grades, it won't feel like I earnt them. Let's try not to think about Results Day... Tuesday 21st April I'm bored. Time to start baking. Thursday 23rd April "Are you still watching?" Yes, Netflix. Yes, I am. Friday 24th April Too much free time to think. Hope my thoughts don't run away with me. Saturday 25th April Never have I wished I was old enough to drive more than right now. I need freedom from this house. Have my parents always been this annoying? Friday 1st May Well, I've resisted this long. Time to start writing that novel. Or should I learn a new language? Sunday 3rd May The bins go out more often than I do... Wednesday 6th May If I watch Gossip Girl from 10:00-3:00, and Supernatural from 3:00-7:00...then I should have enough time to stress about starting sixth form before the news at ten. It's important to plan your day ahead of time. Gotta keep some structure. Saturday 10th May We're busting out the board games. Fantastic. Monday 11th May 1, 2, 3, 4...the postman is knocking at my door. What was it I ordered from Amazon this time? Tuesday 19th May I'll have to stop talking to myself once school starts... Wednesday 20th May I tried running for a week. It didn't work out. Whatever happened with that novel? Saturday 23rd May Masks stop the spread; masks are useless. It called coronavirus; or is it Covid-19? Everyone stay at home; but we need to get the economy back up and running. So many contradictions. I think I'll go back to bed... Sunday 7th June Doing some university research. The only thing keeping us going is the idea of a future where all this is over. Friday 12th June In a spur-of-the-moment decision, I let my dad cut my hair. Let's just say, spontaneity doesn't suit me. Online hat shopping, here I come! Sunday 14th June Two wars are being fought now: one against a virus, the other against prejudice in society. I can't help feeling overwhelmed. #BlackLivesMatter. Wednesday 17th June Anyone know what happened to Dominic Cummings? Sunday 21st June Shopping! How I've missed you, old friend. Tuesday 23rd June "Are you still watching?" Assume the answer is yes, until told otherwise. Sunday 28th June A news report on the coronavirus impact in Yemen reminded me I still have a heart to be broken. Thursday 2nd July My prom was supposed to be today. Maybe if I watch Carrie, I'll stop feeling like I'm about to cry. Friday 17th July How are we halfway through the year already? The days go so slowly, the months so fast. What's this I hear about a potential second wave? Saturday 25th July I had a nightmare about Results Day. Not long to go now. We're receiving our GCSE results in an email. Talk about anti-climactic. Tuesday 28th July It's my birthday today. When I blow out the candles, my wish is that this following year will be better than the last. I'm no psychic, and if corona has taught me anything, it's that you can't predict the future...but I already have a feeling my wish will come true.