It's ok to cry I never thought I'd be writing about this, It's been 100 days of school I've missed. So much has happened since lockdown has begun, When it all started I had no fun. At first it was hard to adjust to the rules, I couldn't go to the park the shop or the swimming pools. Those everyday things that I used to do, Suddenly became a big taboo. Now let me tell you a bit about me, My hopes, my dreams and the world that I see. I'm not your everyday, ordinary young lady, I'm quirky and different and most definitely crazy! I've definitely got to know my self so much better, I mean I've been in quarantine with myself for like...EVER! There's definitely been some changes that I have seen, I have now become what is known as a tween. My emotions are changing in every way, Literally, in every way. Sometimes I feel like I want to cry, But the weird thing is I don't know why. Lockdown has been like some sort of weird dream, Sometimes all I want to do is, SCREAM! It's been really strange I have to admit, But I do feel like I have learnt from it. I definitely think that writing down how I feel, Is a really good way to help me heal. It's not always easy growing up, Especially when your mates aren't there to say what's up. Thanks for listening to me rabble on and on, About how I feel and what's going on. I'm not really sure if my life will ever be the same, But hey, I guess lockdown is another memory to frame. Now my advice to you is to write things down, Get it outta your head and there will be no frown. So now it's time to say goodbye, Oh, and always remember that it's ok to cry. By Carmen